Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - E-Assessment

2. Inform

  • Who regulates the compensation for disadvantages (NTA)?

    The responsible examination board decides on the compensation for disadvantages upon application of the student (cf. § 109 paragraph 2 ZSP-HU). It is useful if not only the NTA is justified in the application, but also a possible NTA is mentioned.

  • What form can a disadvantage compensation (NTA) take?

    Compensation is made by determining a different date, an extended duration or processing time, a different location, a different form, the admission of auxiliary means or auxiliary persons or in another suitable way. The course work or examination to be taken must be of equal value (cf. § 109 paragraph 1 ZSP-HU). If the student can credibly demonstrate that he or she does not meet the technical requirements, compensation for disadvantages will be granted in accordance with § 109 ZSP-HU (cf. § 107a paragraph 7 ZSP-HU).

  • Does the university provide technical support?

    For questions regarding technical support (in the sense of compensation for disadvantages, NTA), e.g. in the form of loaned equipment and / or Internet access, the responsible faculty is the contact partner, who will provide the appropriate technology if necessary.

  • Until when do examiners have to determine and announce the form of the examination at the latest?

    The form of the examination should be determined before the examination schedule is decided (before the start of the lecture period). If this is not possible, the students must be informed immediately after the form of examination has been determined. Section 96d (2) and (3) ZSP-HU applies.

  • Until when do examiners have to inform the students about the examination form?

    According to § 96 paragraph 11 sentence 3 ZSP-HU, the notification has to be made at the beginning of the semester in which the final module examination is offered.

    Deviations are permissible if the examinations cannot be carried out in the planned form or the effort to carry them out would be disproportionate (occurrence of exceptional circumstances). Students are to be informed immediately of any change decisions. If students have already registered and been admitted to the examination, they may withdraw their registration until immediately before the examination (§ 96d).

  • Is it allowed to require the installation of Safe Exam Browser?

    In principle, the installation can be required under narrowly defined conditions for an exam (e.g. remote exam) (§ 107b). However, it does not work on Linux computers.