Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - E-Assessment

Test scenario

  • How do examiners test their examination?

    You can, for example, change roles in the examination Moodle. Alternatively, you can register a student assistant as a participant in the course.

    You can also apply for a (second) account for yourself as a so-called test account at the e-examination support in order to test the examination procedure in the role of a participant.

  • In which course should you do a test of the exam?

    It is advisable to agree on standardised test courses in the department in which the general functions of an examination course can be tried out:

    • Conditions for the activation of an examination
    • Download of examination questions (assignment module), if necessary
    • Processing of the test module (question types, if applicable, submission and time delay at the beginning)
    • Upload of files (incl. conversion of formats, if applicable)
    • Video conferencing, communication during the exam

    These courses are created in the examination Moodle under mock examinations in the course area of the institution and are thus permanently available.

  • What should be the minimum scope of the test?

    It is important that the participants understand the process. The types of questions used and the organisational procedure should be gone through completely.