Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - E-Assessment

Preparing the examination

The actual preparation of digital examinations begins after the first organisational stage, when the examination is prepared in terms of content and form. This includes, for example, the students' obligation to provide information under data protection law or the design of the examination tasks in a digital environment.


The preparation of a digital examination requires significantly more time than an analogue planned and conducted examination, especially during the first runs. On the one hand, this is because many of the existing tasks, questions and materials cannot easily be transferred 1:1 into digital formats. On the other hand, there are additional tasks, e.g. if you plan to use the video conferencing software for the remote supervision examination or if you enrol the students in the examination course.


Professional preparation

  • Task design
  • Importing content from previous courses
  • Create or use a question pool
  • Set grading scale

Formal preparation

  • Information requirements
  • Offer test course
  • Arrange access to the examination course
  • Participant administration
  • Video conferencing software settings
  • Access to the examination on the examination date