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View an examination

Viewing examination results is a student right, which is also a prerequisite for the so-called "Gegenvorstellungsverfahren".


According to § 117 ZSP-HU, students have the right to access the records kept for their examinations. For digital (written) examinations, it may therefore be necessary to (temporarily) change the settings in the examination course after an examination in such a way that individual access to examination performance and assessment is possible in accordance with data protection regulations.

Settings in the examination course

Before and during the examination, the examination courses are set up in such a way that students cannot see any assessments or feedback during the examination. In a few steps, you can create the prerequisite that the examination results can now be viewed by the course participants (cf. "Organising examination viewing for students" in the information course of the examination Moodle).

Before the examination can be viewed, you may have to make the examination course visible again. Students can view their assessments in the assessment overview of the course or within the respective activity test or assignment.


Forms of exam viewing

"Consultation hour" via video conference

On the agreed date you meet the student online via video conferencing software (HU-Zoom, BBB) and share your screen. During the meeting, you will explain the examination results and the assessment and answer any questions that may arise. Please note that it is theoretically possible that the student records your conversation with external software or at least makes a screenshot of individual views. The storage (screenshot) exclusively related to the examination performance is not forbidden in principle, as students can duplicate the documents according to ZSP-HU (§117, para. 1, sentence 2).

Course viewing for all

You set a period of time in which all participants in the examination course can view their individual examination performance. To do this, the course must be temporarily set to "visible" again.

If the examination was conducted with the test module, you must adjust the setting in the section "Review options". In the column "When the test is completed", place a check mark next to "Attempt". Your students will then be able to access the test and have a "Review" link. They will see their own answers and the points awarded for each. If you have given comments, they will also see these.

At the end of the viewing period, please set the course back to "not visible" so that it can no longer be accessed by course participants.

Course viewing for selected students

In principle, the same rules apply as for course viewing for all. In this case, however, you limit access to viewing to those who have registered with you for course viewing. To do this, you form groups among the participants. Then you set the prerequisite group in the section of the exam as an access requirement, so that only the group you have admitted can see the exams and thus also view them.